Closed Days(2016/4-2017/3)

4/13(Wed) 4/27(Wed) 5/11(Wed) 5/25(Wed) 6/8(Wed) 6/22(Wed)

7/13(Wed) 7/27(Wed) 9/14(Wed) 9/28(Wed) 10/4(Tue) 10/12(Wed)

10/26(Wed) 11/9(Wed) 11/24(Thu) 12/14(Wed) 12/28(Wed)

12/29(Thu)-1/3(Tue) 1/11(Wed) 1/25(Wed)

2/8(Wed) 2/22(Wed) 3/8(Wed) 3/22(Wed)

Closed Days(2017/4-2018/3)

4/12(Wed) 4/26(Wed) 5/10(Wed) 5/24(Wed) 6/14(Wed) 6/28(Wed)

7/12(Wed) 7/26(Wed) 9/13(Wed) 9/27(Wed) 10/11(Wed) 10/17(Tue)

10/25(Wed) 11/8(Wed) 11/22(Wed) 12/13(Wed) 12/27(Wed)

12/29(Fri)~1/3(Wed) 1/10(Wed) 1/24(Wed)

2/14(Wed) 2/28(Wed) 3/14(Wed) 3/28(Wed)

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430-7790 JAPAN





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