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The Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments is the first municipal museum of musical instruments in Japan. It was established as  part of the Hamamatsu City“Creation of a City of Music” beginning in 1981, and is registered museum facility under the law of museums.

The mission of the museum is to collect and preserve a representative selection of musical instruments and related materials from around the world, to research them, to exhibit them with an equal and unbiased perspective, and to cultivate a vast knowledge and understanding of music, musical instruments, and cultures through a variety of activities.

We hope the museum will become a center for all musical instruments and their cultures, and a place where people will meet together to discover this wonderful world.

The exhibition rooms are in the 1st floor and the basement. The 1st floor is for the musical instruments from Asia and Japan, early Japanese-made western ones, and for hands-on room, whereas the basement is for the instruments from Africa, Oceania, America, and Europe. 1,300  out of 3,300 collections of musical instruments are for permanent exhibition.

With the motto, “See, hear, and touch,” the permanent exhibition rooms exhibit by 5 continents of Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, and America, whereas Japanese instruments and Japanese-made western ones are exhibited separately. You can enjoy playing the musical instruments and the sound instruments in the hands-on room.

The exhibition for Europe is classified by Sachs=Hornbostel classification method that classifies musical instruments by the principle of sound production. The classification goes further by style, date, form, and usage. Since most musical instruments are displayed without cases, you can see the texture closely. Headphones and monitors are equipped so that you can enjoy 100 different sounds and 30 different videos. A personal earphone guide system gives you the explanation and sounds of 80 different instruments. Since the exhibition renewal in March 2006, our concept, “To exhibit the world musical instruments from unbiased and equal perspective,” has appeared more clearly.



Apr Opening
Special exhibition, “Bamboo and Gourd Musical Instruments”


Sep Opening of the exhibition room for Asian and African instruments
Nov 200,000 visitors


Apr Starting the guided tour for exhibition rooms


Mar 300,000 visitors


Dec Starting the museum of musical instruments on PC, and Internet website


May Starting the visiting museum for the elementary schools in the city
Jul The special exhibition for the 5th anniversary, “The birth of musical instruments!”
Aug 500,000 visitors


Sep The 1st practical workshop with Javanese gamelan


Apr Starting the Members’ Club of the museum
Dec Redesigning the website


Mar The 11th special exhibition, “Musical 1nstruments and the 20th Century”
Jun 700,000 visitors


Aug 800,000 visitors


Jun Starting a renewal and expanding construction of the exhibition


Mar Renewal opening
Jul Special exhibition,“The fine string instruments of Osaka College of Music Suntory Collection”


Jan 1,000,000 visitors
Dec The lecture concert commemorating Hamamatsu City’s transition to the government- ordinance-designated city “Harpsichord music of the French Versailles school in the 18th century”


Sep Starting the evening salon concert


Feb 1,200,000 visitors


Jul Special exhibition “Grand Exhibition of Banjo”
Aug 15th anniversary special event “Thumb Piano Festival”


Aug Special event “Bagpipe Gathering”
Aug Special exhibition “ Symphony of the Dolls”


Aug Special exhibition “Archeology of Musical Instruments, Sound-Journey to Ancient Era”
Sep International meetings of Laon-laon in Taipei
Sep 1,500,000 visitors
Nov Special exhibition “Design of the Musical Instruments”


Jan Grand Prize in the Category Records , National Art Festival 2012 in Japan, for the
collection series CD No.38 “English Sonata on Broadwood Piano”
Aug Special exhibition in Tokyo “Wonderful Pianos of Old, Old Times”
Nov 1,600,000 visitors


Mar Starting of Gallery Talk
Apr Special exhibition “Musical Instruments on the Postal Stamps”
Aug Special exhibition “Bagpipes”
Dec The 26th Koizumi Fumio Prize for the Contribution to ethnomusicology


Jan 1,700,000 visitors
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